Fishing on the Lower Zambezi is a diverse and exciting experience, with opportunities for the skilled and casual angler alike. Over 75 species of fish have been identified in the Lower Zambezi making it a very popular location for anglers, who visit from all over the world.

The ‘striped river dog’ or tiger fish, known for its aquatic acrobatics and razed-sharp teeth, is always a top attraction. These fascinating predatory fish eat other fish of almost 75% of their own length, including their own species, as well as small birds, young ducks and aquatic reptiles.

Other fish which can be found in the Lower Zambezi are the sizeable vundu and smaller species such as the Zambezi electric catfish, African mottled eel, cornish jack, barble and bream, to name a few.

When visiting the Lower Zambezi, angling is a fantastic way to enjoy the enchanting Zambian landscape and natural beauty. Watch elephants lazily frolic at the waters edge, hear the majestic cry of the fish-eagle, all whilst seeking out your catch of the day. Whether you are a serious angler or a first-timer, experienced fishing guides on the river are more than happy to assist and make your experience most enjoyable.

The best time to catch tiger fish is during the warmer months, from late August to mid November,  but tiger fish and other species can be caught throughout the safari season. Most lodges operate a strict catch and release policy on the river to ensure the survival of the fish population, maintaining the balance of this magnificent ecosystem.