Zambia is a bird lovers paradise, with one of the highest concentrations of bird species on the African continent. The Zambezi River, the natural boundary between Zambia and Zimbabwe, attracts an abundance of birdlife, considered to include as many as 400 species.

One can experience the vast array of birdlife on a walking safari, equipped with binoculars and an experienced guide, ensuring your safety and offering knowledge on the various species. Another fantastic option is to go on a boat or canoe safari, and gracefully drift down with the Zambezi current, book, camera and checklist in hand. You will also spot other exciting game from the river.

Bird spotting is great year round but the period just before the summer rains is considered to be a prime bird watching time, when the local bird population swells with the arrival of migrant species from Europe and beyond. Colourful carmine bee-eaters flock in their hundreds, to nest along the river banks, and is just one of many delightful sights.

Expect to see a vibrant array of kingfishers, lovebirds, parrots, hornbills, fish eagles, sunbirds, hawks, buzzards, honeyguides and many, many more!