Planning for your upcoming safari is an exciting time! The key is to pack light and pack smart. When travelling to Africa for a safari it’s very important that you leave your bright colours at home.  Here are some other useful tips on what to wear on safari:

  • Dress casually and for comfort, choosing items of clothing in more neutral shades. Avoid all brights colours, including blue, as well as bold prints. Rather let the wildlife do all the showing off.
  • Clothing in lightweight, loose-fitting fabrics are most comfortable, easier to wash and dry off. They also take up less space.
  • Leave your camouflage or military styled clothing items at home. This is not appropriate and can cause confusion or questioning from local bush police.
  • Temperatures can drop considerably in the evenings and mornings so bring a light weight jacket/sweater and a scarf.
  • Head gear is vital to protect you against the vigorous African sun. Bring a full brimmed compact hat,as well as an extra hat just in case.
  • Comfortable and durable UV protective sunglasses. The more lightweight the better.
  • Shorts for men and women are fine in the bush, but longer trousers are socially acceptable in rural villages.
  • Pack a pair of open comfortable sandals for milling around the campsite or lodge, and a pair of lightweight walking shoes with ankle support for extended outdoor activities.
  • A few pairs of thin socks. Rather layer thin socks than wear one pair of thick wintery socks. It is often more comfortable and you can remove a few layers should you wish.
  • Lightweight, breathable shorts are best for men and women, but pack in a pair or two of light long pants for evenings. These are also often more suitable for when visiting rural communities.
  • Sunscreen should be worn at all times. The African sun is ruthless and you wouldn’t want to spoil any of your trip by catching sunstroke.

We hope this helps your packing & enjoy your safari!

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